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Premium Logistics - Nmar

Shipping line Arkhangelsk – Narian-Mar/Varandey

The arctic coast of Russia has the ports (Narian-Mar, Varandey, Kharasavey, Sabetta, Dikson and other) which are not connected with other regions of Russia by roads and railways. The ports of Narian-Mar and Varandey are two of them.

The goods are delivered to such ports by small ships (coasters) and small shipments are delivered by planes and helicopters.

At the same time such ports are important for development of oil and gas fields and at winter period the huge oil/gas companies, their suppliers and contractors provide the collecting of the cargoes at the port of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk in order to deliver them by sea during the summer navigation.
As a rule, the arctic ports are shallow and accessible for vessels with small draught. This fact reduces the number of convenient ships.

Premium Logistics provides the services at the arctic ports and has the vessels with small draught which are ideal to deliver the cargoes.

The carriages from Arkhangelsk to Narian-Mar/Varandey are carried out by the Premium Logistics’s own vessels -m/v “Letniy bereg”, m/v “Pur-Navolok”, m/v “Brin-Navolok”, m/v “Amur-2537”.  

The schedule of voyages: 1-2 times per month during the period from June 15 till November 15.

For more details (ships readiness, rates, cargo handling operations, contracts and other information) please contact with the specialists below:

Multimodal Department
Elena Santalova  +7 (495) 744 73 59 ext 405
+7 (495) 744 73 59 ext 333
Maxim Novikov  +7 (495) 744 73 59 ext 955
+7 (495) 744 73 59 ext 932
Chartering Department
Andrey Korotkiy  +7 (495) 744 73 59 ext 219
+7 (495) 744 73 59 ext 107


Premium Logistics - Nmar

Chartering Department Contacts

Andrey M.Korotkiy
Department Head

Ship’s operation department Contacts

Andrey M.Korotkiy
Department Head

Evgeniy A. Mirovskiy
Ship’s operator

Offshore project and towage department contacts

Andrey V. Danilov
Department Head

Forwarding Department Contacts

Elena V. Santalova
Department Head

Agency Department Contacts

Igor A. Perevozchikov
Department Head
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