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Premium Logistics LLC is the world’s leading independent tank storage company and has become a well know and appreciated professional storage services provider to meet client’s demands and requirements. We operate a global network of tank storage located at strategic locations In Russia port terminal Novorossiysk – Vanino- Primorsk- Nakhodka- Vladivostok- Kozmino. With a history of decades and a focus on sustainability, we ensure safe, efficient and clean storage and handling of liquid products for our customers. Premium Logistics LLC tanks at the terminals are capable of multiple types of cargo handling operations rail-in, rail-out, ship-in, ship-out and ship-to-ship operations and the terminal are capable of receiving which VLCCs. The terminal offers high pumping rates per hour which allows efficient loading and unloading of large vessels. The tank facilities are equipped with flexible pipeline routings that permit simultaneous handling of different product qualities as well as complex blending operations. The tank facilities has advanced control and cleaning systems to maintain multiple product segregation.

Port of Ust-Luga
Tank Capacity 2,926,000 m3
Number of Tanks 18

Premium Logistics LLC, offers a safe and reliable logistics service across 2,926,000 cubic meters of storage capacity for Crude oil, petroleum products and biofuels strategically located in the Ports of Ust-Luga with excellent access to sea, road, rail and pipeline infrastructure. Our successful handling of petroleum products, chemicals, and gases has made Premium Logistics LLC the preferred storage provider for a wide range of companies.

Port of Nakhodka
Tank Capacity 2,636,000 m3
Number of Tanks 15

The core activity of Premium Logistics LLC storage facilities Nakhodka is the storage and handling of a wide range of petroleum products. This includes tailor made services such as blending or dyeing of products for specific customer requirements.

Port of Houston
Tank Capacity 3,483,000 m3
Number of Tanks 27

Premium Logistics LLC tank storage Houston is staffed by professionals with extensive experience in storage and  handling operations and the petrochemical industry. Safety is the top priority with a constant effort towards operational excellence

Port of Primorsk
Tank Capacity 3,482,000 m3
Number of Tanks 31

Premium Logistics LLC tank storage Primorsk is strategically located in the Port of Primorsk (Russia) at the heart of gulf of Finland, navigable all the year round and easily equipped with tanks of up to 3,482.000 cubic meters. The Port of Primorsk is one of the largest hubs for Russian and Central Asian railway cargoes as well as European and Russian seaborne cargoes.

Port of Rotterdam
Tank Capacity 2,540,500 m3
Number of Tanks 31

With 2,540,500 m³ of storage capacity and 31 tanks in virtually every size and type imaginable at Rotterdam port, Premium Logistics LLC is the number one independent expert in tank storage for Crude oil and Oil products. Whether you want to store chemicals, biodiesels or base oils and lubricants, in large or small quantities, in stainless steel, coated or mild steel storage tanks, you can be assured that Premium Logistics LLC will always have the perfect solution for your specific needs.

• Storage of petroleum products, petrochemical, Crude oil and biofuels  
• Loading and discharging of seagoing vessels and barges
• High pressure nitrogen injection
• In-line injection of additives during loading/discharging
• Tank to tank transfers
• Heating of Fuel Oil, Vacuum Gas Oil
• In tank blending of components


Storage and handling department
ph.:  +7 (499) 398 20 76, +31 103401955

Premium Logistics - Tank Storage

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